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Interesting and Helpful Links

Costuming Link Sites

Elizabethan Costuming Page
Costumer's Manifesto Sewing Links
Milieux Costuming Site
Regency Links Page
Dress a Day Page
Regency Costume Companion

Costuming Information Sites

The History of Costuming
The Costume Site
The Costume Page
Fashion History - Clothing, Social History and Fashions

Medieval and Renaissance Embroidery Page
Duct Tape Double
Different Styles of Kimonos
The Great Pattern Review
Female Headdress for Slavs and Russia
Headdresses of Traditional Russia
A History of Codpieces
Hmong Costume
Original Pictures of Edwardian & Victorian Costume

Original Images of Costume, Medieval - Retro

Myths of Costume

Fashion Plates from the 1800's

A Visual Dictionary of Fashion - KSU
19th Century Fashion (UT)
Extent Corsets and Undergarments 1700's - 1902
Civil War to Pre-Victorian Fashion (Godey's Plates)
US Revolutionary War
Pirate Coats
The Regency Repository
Fashion Era - Costume & Social History
Fashion Designing Fashion Gallery - Images & Info
Viking Answer Lady
Start Sewing - Sewing help site

Costuming Organizations& Conventions

International Costumer's Guild
National Costuming Assoc.
Greater Bay Area's Costumer's Guild
Home Sewing Association
Prof. Assoc. of Custom Clothiers
Textile Institute
American Sewing Guild


Calontir Trim
Corset Supplies
Reproduction Fabrics
The Longest Yard
Dharma Trading Company
Big Daddy Gypsy Fabric
Ring Lord - Chain mail rings and supplies

Specialty Sites

Scottish Wedding Dreams
Falling Up Photography - Have that special costume and want photos in the Denver, Colorado Area? We highly recommend Falling Up Photography. Reasonable rates and unlimited creative ideas!

Custom & Ready to Wear Costumes

Designs by Lady Faire - King Arthur to Darth Vader
Civil War Costumes
Civil War Uniforms & Southern Belle Costumes
Renaissance, Victorian, Pirates, Old West, Civil War
Reenactment &Theater Costumes (Civil War)
Renaissance & Elizabethan Costumes & Historical Tents
12th - 19th Century Custom Costume
The Scots Dragon - Ready to wear and custom
Lara's Corsets
WWII Uniforms
The Scots Dragon
WWII Uniforms
Men's Jackets & Coats
Unique Vintage
- Vintage inspired and vintage reproduction clothing.
Chain mail & More - you can order chain mail or do some research here.
The Cowboy Closet
Leather Indian Moccasins and Black Powder
Vintage Wedding Dresses
Pendragon Costumes

Scottish Lion Imports
- Kilts, tartans etc.
Bloomers 4 You - Ready made bloomers
Dainty Jane's Handmade Medieval Shoes
Corsets by Xcentricities
Maeve's Unmentionables - Historic Garb
Sodhoppers - fanciful medieval footwear
Wings and Roses - Victorian & Ren Wear
House of Dra - Renaissance Clothing

Vintage Clothing Sites

Vintage Textiles Colonial to Modern
Vintage & Reproduction Retro Gowns

Research Sites

RL Shep Publications - Original Source Books on etiquette, customs, textiles, hats, corsets, sewing and needlework.
Costume and Museum Links
Russian Costume Clothing Resources
Civil War Hairstyles and Fashion
Kent State Museum - Extant costumes
A History of Costume by Braun & Schneider
Saturday Evening Post - Retro images
A Beginner's Guide to Medieval Costume
Viking Shields
Viking Women's Garb of 9th & 10th Centuries
Clothing of the Middle Ages

Free Patterns

WWI Red Cross Knitting Patterns
Boy's Civil War Era Knickerbockers Suit
WWII Patterns
Stays - How to make them
Russian Historical Costume
Medieval Needlework Patterns
Medieval Russian Patterns and Clothing
Simple Medieval Dress Pattern
Medieval Clothing Patterns
Dawn's Costume Guide - Medieval Patterns
Elf Shoe Pattern
Crown Pattern
Cloak Making Guide - Opera Cloak
How to Wrap & Wear a Great Kilt
How to Make a Tunic
Boy's Knickerbockers Pattern
Patterns for Viking Era Clothes
Viking Tunic Construction
WWII Knitting Patterns
from the settlement at Herjolfsnes
Clothing of the Middle Ages
A History of Stays and how to Make them
WWII Patterns
Cloak making guide for an Opera Cloak

Popular Film Costumes

Alice in Wonderland 2010 (Johnny Depp) - Fan site
Alice in Wonderland 2010
Stills of the Characters
Alice in Wonderland
2010 Movie Trailer on Hulu
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirate of the Caribbean
- Uniforms
Sense and Sensibility
- Gowns
Sense and Sensibility
- Gowns and Men's Clothing
Chronicles of Narnia
The Jane Austen Centre - UK
Ever After
Pride and Prejudice
- Original Milliner with notes
Pride and Prejudice
- Dresses and history
Pride and Prejudice - Lots of pictures and info
Movie Costume Exhibit

Living History Groups

We make History
Ravenlore Bushcraft and Wilderness skills
Murton Park
Zuri Dance Company - Alabama
German Costume Site
Renaissance Information Center

Single Action Shooters Society
Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA)
English Country Dancing - 18th Century costume, customs and dance

(LARP) Live Action Role Play

SOLAR - Live action fantasy RP (like dungeons and dragons, but you are the live player.



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Patterns of Time

Best Sellers

bag of gears

Bag of Gears

Perfect Steampunk embellishments


Viking Dragon Armring

Let this dragon wrap around you!

Historic pencel Toppers

Historic Pencil Toppers

Great gift for classrooms

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