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Heian Japanese Woman's Informal Outfit (Hitoe, Uchigi and Uwagi) Pattern
Product ID RC410
Manufacturer Reconstructing History
Heian Japanese Woman's Informal Outfit (Hitoe, Uchigi and Uwagi) Pattern
RC410 - Heian Japanese Woman's Informal Outfit (Hitoe, Uchigi and Uwagi) Pattern. 30 1/2 to 48" bust with instructions to enlarge. Hitoe, Uchigi, and Uwagi (underrobe, layers, and top robe) as worn informally and semiformally by ladies in the Heian Period in Japan 894-1172 ad. patterns for hitoe, uchigi and uwagi, the underrobe, layers and top robe worn by women in informal and semi-formal ocassions in Japan's Heian Period (894-1172). One unlined uchigi can be worn between the hitoe and uwagi casually or five or more colour-matched, lined uchigi can be worn as the semi-formal outfit. This pattern includes patterns for the long underrobe (hitoe), layered robes (uchigi) and overrobe (uwagi) as well as suggestions for appropriate colour combinations and layering techniques. The proper underwear for these robes are available in RC409 -- Heian Japanese Lady's Underthings. To make this a formal court outfit, RCH411 -- Heian Japanese Lady's Formal Robes is needed. Yardage - Hitoe (unlined) 6 1/4 yards of at least 45" fabric, Uchigi (lining optional) 6 yards of 45" fabric each for lining and garment, Uwagi (unlined) 6 yards of 45" fabric. Japanese Heian Period clothing, Anime, Japanese Samuri Garments, Japense fashion, Anime Fashion, Japanese woman's clothing. Great for Game of Thrones Costume, Eddard Stark, Sean Bean, Arryn, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Tully, Tyrell, Rickon Stark, Rodrik Cassel, Maester Luwin, Jory Cassel, Hodor, Ser Rodrik, Septa Mordane, Osha, Roose Bolton, , Loras Tyrell, Renly Baratheon, Jeor Mormont, Aemon Targaryen, Bowen Marsh, Benjen Stark, Ser Alliser Thorne, Yoren, Samwell Tarly, Qhorin Halfhand, Illyrio, Mopatis, Pyat Pree, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Syrio Forel, Shae, Gendry, Jaqen H'ghar, Princess Myrcella, Prince Joffrey, Cersei Lannister, Tommen Baratheon, Pycelle, Lord Varys, Ser Barristan Selmy, Ser Ilyn, Hallyne, Dontos, Ygritte, The Lord of Bones, Galbart Glover, Jhiqui, Eddard Stark, Robert Baratheon, Tyrion Lannister, Catelyn Stark, Ser Jaime Lannister, Cersei Baratheon, Daenerys, Ser Jorah Mormont, Lord Petyr Baelish, Viserys Targaryen , Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark,Theon Greyjoy, Joffrey Baratheon, Sandor Clegane, Khal Drogo. Great for Belly Dance, Belly Dance Costume, Middle Eastern Costume, Middle Eastern Belly Dance, Egyptian Belly Dance, Turkish Belly Dance. Great for John Carter Costume. John Carter Movie Wardrobe. Game of Thrones Costumes and Wardrobe. Great for Star Wars Costume, Jedi Costume, Star Wars Jedi Costume, Samuri Costume, Samuri Wardrobe. hinese costume, Japanese Costume, Chinese Costume History, Hong Kong Costume History, Japanese Costume History. Asian Costume History, Anime Costume, Anime Costume History.
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