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Product ID RC416
Manufacturer Reconstructing History

Senguko Japanese Man's Outfits (Hitatare and Kataginu) Pattern

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RC416 - Senguko Japanese Man's Outfits (Hitatare and Kataginu) Pattern. Sizes 34-54" chest included. Sizes 34-54" chest included - simple to adjust to larger sizes by following the guidelines for where sizes change on the pattern. What every fashionable Bushi is wearing this season and next season too! In a complete reversal from the usual flow of fashion, the Hitatare outfit began life as the daily wear of common labourers in Heian period Japan (794-1172 CE). It looked so comfortable that soon the nobles of the Heian court began to wear it as a jacket on cold evenings. When the Kamakura Bakufu ostensibly took over rule of the country in the late 12th century, the aristocracy and high-ranking military officials preserved the Court clothing of the Heian period. But at home or when traveling, even the highest up Japanese men wore Hitatare. In the Kamakura period, Hitatare was still casual dress. By the Muromachi period (1333-1573 CE), it was formal wear. In the Momoyama period(1573-1603 CE), a variation of the Hitatare came into being. Called Kataginu (shoulder gown), it was basically a sleeveless version of the Hitatare. This quickly became the typical daily clothing of samurai. This pattern for Hitatare and Kataginu includes pattern pieces and step-by-step instructions on how to construction Hitatare and Kataginu Sugata in a period manner (as well as directions for machine sewing). This pattern includes the hitatare (top), kataginu (sleeveless top), matching hakama (pants), kosode (undershirt) and shitabakama (drawers). Also included are extensive historical notes on the origin and appropriateness of hitatare and kataginu, colour, embellishment, and fabric suggestions, and directions on how to get dressed. Do you aspire to be mistaken for an extra from a Kurasawa film? This pattern was developed by Reconstructing History's resident Japanese clothing expert and based on extant examples in Japanese museums and temples. Great for Japanese living history, Shogun Era living history, Ninja costume, Anime and Star Wars Costumes, Darth Sith Costume, Jedi Costume, Dress like John Woo, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Cho Yun Fat in some of your favorite martial art films.
Price: $25.95
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